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The admissions process begins with the completion of an application form. The Admissions Coordinator will help each prospective family through the application process. To ensure the admission of those students who can be successful in meeting the academic standards of the English speaking international classroom, students are admitted on the basis of school records, seat availability, language assessment and academic testing.

Once the necessary papers have been received and processed, an interview will be arranged for you and your child. Also, an appointment for a Placement test and if necessary, an IES test will be made.

Once the documentation and testing is complete, the School Division Head will review the application packet to determine acceptance. Parents will be contacted in person with the admission decision.

Our staffs at KPIS are available to provide you with all information you require:

Monday - Friday 7.30 - 16.30 and Saturday by appointment.

Please do not hesitate to call us at any time for further advice or any information.

Tel. 02-943-7790

Student Placement Test

All students must take a placement test.


Students entering the Nursery up to Pre-Kindergarten 2 are interviewed by the Kindergarten School Division Head.

Students enrolling in Kindergarten need to be at least five years of age. Students will take a placement test for entry into kindergarten in addition to an interview.

Elementary School

Students enrolling in the Grade 1 - 6 need to be at least six years of age to enter grade 1. (Please refer to the age distribution sheet). Students will take a placement test for entry into the appropriate grade level in addition to an interview in English and if necessary an IES test to assess English proficiency.

Secondary School

Students enrolling in the Secondary program (G.7 - G.12) need to be at least twelve to enter grade 7. Students will do the Michigan Test to determine English Language proficiency in addition to an interview in English.

Registration Procedure

Students who are accepted should follow these steps for enrollment:

  • Register on the designated dates at registrar's office and submit all required documents
  • Present the acceptance letter from the Admissions Coordinator to the Registrar
  • Receive his/her KPIS ID number from the Registrar
  • Pay the school fees at the finance office. (For further information on payment options, please refer to School Fees.)
  • Purchase school uniforms and school supplies from the school store
Bring a copy of receipts to collect required textbooks from the library