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    Established in 2005, KPIS is an educational institution dedicated to provide a well-balanced and affordable high quality education for Expatriate and Thai children. The curriculum and standards are patterned after the California Department of Education’s curriculum and standards.

   KPIS is proud to be one of the youngest schools to be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Sor Mor Sor.

    We pride ourselves in providing a rich and dynamic learning environment to help our students meet with the ever-changing demands and rapid advances of technology in the 21st century. Our small class size allows KPIS to provide each student with a ‘Personalized’ education that maximizes learning. The School facilities and Extra-Curricular programs ensure that our students gain experiences that guide, inspire and nourish their individual talents and abilities. We are confident that this support will lead our students to fulfill their aspirations.

We invite you to explore our website or visit us anytime to become acquainted with our school community and discover more things that make KPIS unique and exceptional.


The future citizens of the "global village" should be equipped with the necessary inquiry and critical thinking skills in order for them to cope with the rapid advances in technology while retaining their respective cultural identities.


To be an international school providing a well balanced education that will enable our students to become morally and ethically responsible and productive citizens in a globally competitive information - based society.


To provide students with the educational foundation that will equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for harmonious living in a culturally diverse society.


The school adopts the core values which are embodied in the acronym KPIS as follows:

KNOWLEDGE is the sum of all the translated sense experiences or a range of what has been perceived discovered or learned

PEACE is a value and integral part of the socialization that begins at home and extends to school, community and nation

INTEGRITY is a concept for grappling with the fundamental questions of truth, honor, justice, and personal accountability and responsibility

SPIRITUALITY emphasizing faith, hope and love as a frame of reference that recognizes that humans consist not only of physical matter but also have            a spiritual dimension that needs daily care in order to survive