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A Day without Walls

A Day without Walls

A Day without Walls
Through “A Day without Wall” activity on January 16, 2018 secondary students became engaged in experiential learning by participating in discussions and investigations on global and social issues. The entire activity through the day was led by students.
The aim of this event was to inspire, connect and empower students to take appropriate and effective service actions to benefit communities and environment. The event was a full day activity led by community service team. The day featured adult and student keynote speakers, presentations by students on social issues, and discussions that aimed to spark empathy and understanding on important issues.
The How- To- Sessions were workshops conducted from 9:45 am to 11:05 am by students from high school and middle school in allotted classrooms on 4th floor of the Secondary division. These sessions focused on how to do develop sustainable community service projects. There were six different How-To- Sessions that took place simultaneously.
They were:

  1. Advocacy Club- was lead by Clyde, Anjie, Tayida, Cindy, Tohnmaun (grade 9) who discussed about the importance of raising awareness for urban refugee crisis in Bangkok and the importance of understanding the role of advocacy.
  2. Go Green Club – focused on  Reuse,Reduce, Recycle was led by Vicky ( grade 9), Minnie, Tungmae ( grade 11) who presented facts and research to back up their claims on importance of going green in KPIS school community.
  3. Wildlife Conservation Club was led by Halley, Angie , Prim, Kong (grade 11) along with Vicky (grade 8) who raised awareness on conservation of wildlife and its impact on community.
  4. Wellness workshop was led by Annie and Jan (grade 11) who delivered some important information and reflection on mental and emotional well being through entertaining activities.
  5. Fund Raiser workshop led by Idea and Keke ( grade 11)  who focused on strategic plans and strategies to raise funds.
  6. Gender Equality workshop was led by the youngest presenters of grade 8, Roxy, Paan, Star, who raised concerns on the importance of fairness and equality based on gender biases in the society.

Mr. Mihnea conducted  a session for the secondary students on using social media for creating awareness for the projects they were passionate about.
The “Unconference” sessions, aimed to connect students together to devise action   plans on issues they discussed in the “How-To-Sessions”.
On the afternoon session Ms. Lauren Donnison from Jump Foundation presented her an insightful presentation on experiential learning and leadership.
One of the highlights of the day was keynote speeches by middle school and high school students. The speeches were creative and passionate ranging from topics like embracing failure, doing service work, following your passion to presenting ideas through a dance by the KPIS Kira Heart Idols.
Although most of the ideas that were generated on this day are at their embryonic stage, this day has sparked many ideas, raised awareness and given a new sense of direction to doing community service and understanding service-based learning.
Community Service team is positive that this event has served as a catalyst for starting many individual and collaborative service projects in 2018.
Ms. Upashna Rai

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