Board of Governance

KPIS School Board

The KPIS School Board consists of eight members; three of which are appointed by position in the school (the School President, Head of School, and the Director of Finance), one leadership team representative, one teacher representative, one parent representative and two experts in the field.

The Board’s main role is to provide strategic guidance for the school, effectively oversee and review the School’s management, review plans, approve expenditures and capital budgets, ensure a strategic approach to the school’s future by setting major goals, policy frameworks and strategies set the tone and the ethical standards of the school and monitor adherence to them. (monitor, evaluate the overall management of the school, approve and monitor the strategic plan for the future).


KPIS Executive Team

The KPIS Executive Team consists of the KPIS President, the Head of School, and the Director of Finance.

Their role is to propose the school yearly budget, evaluate and monitor school progress/school operations and management, propose and ensure implementation of strategic plans for the school’s future.

The focus is to ensure an environment for a well-balanced education for administrators, teachers, parents and students to learn and grow. By providing a positive and professional environment to foster a family learning culture for everyone.


KPIS Leadership Team

The KPIS Leadership Team consists of the Head of School, all of the School Division Principals, and the Human Resources Head.

Their role is to enforce policies, implement plans, responsibly use budget, recommend budget and program needs. They are heavily involved in daily interactions within the school community. The focus is to ensure the maintenance of a positive and professional environment in which teachers, parents, and students learn and grow.