Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

At KPIS, we take pride in providing a well-balanced education, a program that not only challenges students in academic rigor but also prepares them to grow and develop to their full potential. For us, a KPIS education is not just about acquiring skills and knowledge but also about becoming a good person.

We believe that the right timing is crucial in unfolding a child’s potential. Our program is aligned with research-based stages of development, for students’ needs at each stage.

The curriculum at KPIS is a personalized, American Core Standards-style skill-objective system. There is an emphasis on developing students into global citizens who are effective communicators, lifelong learners, and critical thinkers, and are well-prepared to attend local or western universities or to apply their skills to a fulfilling career.

Areas of study within the curriculum include Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, ICT, Art, Music, Physical Education and Health, and Chinese. The KPIS K-12 curriculum has been customized based on the following frameworks in various subject areas and grade levels:

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in literacy and mathematics: The CCSS form the basis for the K-12 Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum. In addition, other core and elective subject areas have adopted selected standards from the CCSS which are appropriate to their subject areas. For example, the science curriculum has incorporated some mathematics CCSS.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Science classes in secondary grades have largely completed a transition from the California State Standards to the Next Generation Science Standards at all grade levels.

Elective and non-core subjects are designed around the California State Standards for their subject areas. Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Pre-AP classes and Honors classes are offered to high school students who enjoy more academic rigor and plan to apply to top universities around the world.

The curriculum offered at KPIS is also enhanced to meet local regulations and guidelines, promote internationalism, incorporate local language and culture, and prepare students to participate in the ASEAN economic community.

To better understand what the curriculum entails in each subject area, please schedule an appointment to meet with one of our school representatives. Contact Us