Day of Wonder-Activity Updates

On May 4th, 2018, the Middle School students took part in a first of its kind whole day activity: The Day of Wonder. The goal of this event was to engage the middle school community in a day-long activity of collaborative inquiry and learning to foster the idea that learning is not restricted to one classroom or one subject; and also to develop an individual and group ownership of learning . Students worked in groups, brainstorming ideas, doing research and then creating a final project to present their ideas digitally- all in one day! Learning happened in 3 different areas, to give students a chance to see how and where they think and learn best. To promote a sense of spirit and community within the middle school among students and faculty, we had everyone involved on the day and wearing t-shirts designed by Grace in grade 8. By the end of the day, our middle schoolers had wondered about a whole host of interestsincluding the first video games, how basketball was created, addiction, why penguins can’t fly, and why ADHD is so prevalent among teens todayplus many more. As you can see, varied topics  show our students to be thinking about their world. We look forward to the next one!