Distance Learning in Secondary

Secondary Distance Learning | March 23 – 27,2020

Dear Secondary School,

Well, I hope you and your family are healthy, maybe even finding some ways to enjoy your home stay this week. I also hope you are finding a rhythm and routine with distance learning as it looks like this might be the norm for a while longer. As I am sure you have heard, the government has imposed a “closed until further notice” order for all international schools. We are hoping that is shorter rather than longer. We miss you!

In the meantime, we know we will be having distance learning next week. Thank you all for the feedback from the survey this week. About half of you completed it. ( Here is it if you didn’t). From the data, most of you are doing great! Some are worried about the amount of work and getting it all done. Talk to your teachers and listen to their advice and strategies. This is an opportunity for all of us to work on time management and scheduling. As you reflect on the week, I am happy to hear about or see any pictures/videos of your distance learning from your perspective. 🙂

Here is the schedule for next week. (Some teachers have already sent and color coded them for you.)

Secondary Distance Learning Schedules

MS Distance Learning

HS Distance Learning

Lastly, there is a distance learning page now connected to the KPIS website, as well as a COVID-19 page with all the latest information from school. Save them and refer to them often.

Be well,

The KPIS team continues to do its best to deliver a great online learning experience. Distance Learning at KPIS International School

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Secondary Distance Learning | March 17 – 20,2020

Dear Secondary School families,

I hope you are all well and excited about the prospect of distance learning. Your teachers are here at school today working hard to ensure you have an excellent week of learning.

Please read the attached expectations and schedule for distance learning.

I am sure you have a million questions and we will do our best to answer them all. Your teachers will be the best one to help with questions about your classes and I can help you with any concerns about school opening or not. As far as scheduled school events, we will look at those that can be moved and those that cannot. Nothing is certain, at this point, until we can safely return to school.

Please do your part to stay healthy and virus-free. Be thoughtful about where you gather and get your exercise and rest!

Best, as always,
Mr. Merritt

Secondary Distance Learning Students Helpful Links

SS Teachers in Action