KPIS Elementary School


Elementary School

The Elementary years at KPIS International School Bangkok build the foundation for deeper learning in all areas, specifically reading and math. Students strengthen their independent learning and start to learn to work collaboratively in groups. It is where practices of learning and skills takes hold, and where students are fostered and challenged to maintain their curiosity and creativity while developing their self-confidence.

Daily schedules included “core subjects” such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, but also specialist classes like art, physical education, swimming, music, and ICT. At KPIS International School Bangkok, we also believe in experiential learning outside the classroom, through field trips and community service, which inspires students and enriches the curriculum.

In class, elementary students learn to analyze and question across subject areas, and learn to express themselves in writing, presentations, and discussions, as well as beginning inquiry-based and project-based learning. During these years they come to understand where they are in their learning journey, what their learning targets are, and what it will take for them to reach the next steps.