Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

A KPIS graduate is …


An effective communicator who:

  • Actively listens in a group setting by asking questions, seeking clarifications, and interacting actively

  • Speaks and writes appropriately for a variety of purposes and audiences

  • Reads, comprehends, and interprets a variety of appropriate electronic and printed materials

  • Plans and creates effective oral presentations

  • Reads, writes, and speaks effectively in the English language


A self-directed, lifelong learner who:

  • Pursues personal goals and interests by participating in extracurricular activities

  • Regularly and punctually attends classes

  • Locates and uses appropriate resources to complete projects and make informed, responsible decisions

  • Takes pride in the quality of their work

  • Is motivated to choose fulfilling careers and healthy lifestyles


A responsible global citizen who:

  • Actively learns about and cares about the natural environment

  • Understands and respects diversity and the impact of globalization on a local and international scale

  • Makes decisions which encourage a healthy and balanced body and mind

  • Seeks to make choices that are both logical and sensitive to their environment and context

  • Effectively collaborates with others to achieve shared goals


A critical thinker and problem solver who:

  • Meaningfully defines and analyzes problems

  • Gathers, organizes, and analyzes information from a variety of sources

  • Supports conclusions with relevant data and information

  • Evaluates the validity of conclusions based on relevant information

  • Uses technology appropriately as a tool to complete tasks

  • Solves problems in multiple ways


(Revised August, 2016)