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Guidance and Counseling

Welcome to the KPIS Guidance and Counseling Department at KPIS.

Guidance and Counseling

Welcome to the KPIS Guidance and Counseling Department at KPIS. All teachers and staff work together to support student needs. At the core of the KPIS Guidance and Counseling Department, is Mr. John E. Carr, Secondary School Counselor, Ms. Annamae Fernandez, Early Years and Primary School Counselor and Ms. Monisha  Agarwal, Secondary School Social/Emotional Counselor.

The aim of the KPIS Guidance and Counseling Program is to assist students at all levels with personal matters, social/emotional developmental concerns, academics, and college/career planning, supporting students through the following services:

Responsive Services or Referrals: In response to parents, students, and/or teachers and staff requests or incidents, the counselor will assist to identify the problem and causes, and arrive at a resolution so that appropriate action is taken.

Counseling Class

The counselor in the primary school arranges group activities throughout the year to build rapport with all students, guide students in their developmental stages, and provide support to students with any challenges that they may be faced with. The secondary school counselor provides guidance for middle school students going through their growth stages and high school students as they are planning to graduate from high school, choose electives, preparing for college and their future careers.

The culmination of a K-12

educational career is admission to university/college. Individual counseling sessions will be provided for each student to discuss and assist students with their future goals. Group workshops and university/college fairs and university/college representative presentations will be provided throughout the school year as opportunities arise. Information dealing with the university/college application process, including standardized testing issues, will be provided in both one-on-one and group activities to assist each student to meet his/her university entrance requirements.

The internet links below are provided to assist with the university/college admissions process:

Counselors at KPIS International School Bangkok are available to advocate, mediate, coordinate, consult, lead, and collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to help the students be successful. The office is open from 7:00 am-4:00 pm. Do not hesitate to contact the counselors when seeking assistance at 02 943 7790 (ext. 103).

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