High School field trip to Bang Pu Nature Education Center

Dear High School Community,
As I look around the Commons this morning, there are a few yawns and tired faces, but a bunch of smiles, too. We have much to be proud of, as yesterday, our students and teachers represented our school extremely well. It was hot, the water was deep, and the day was long, but I saw learning happening in every corner, all day long. I apologize for not fully preparing you for the heat of the day or the depth of the water, but all of you took on each challenge with bravery and curiosity. Thank you for that.
Just before we left the park yesterday, Mike, the lead Thiadhos teacher, stopped me and said, “your students are great.” I nodded my head and thanked him, but he said, “no, you don’t understanding, they are REALLY great.” I said, I know, I get that a lot. You are a special group and it is wonderful when we get to share that greatness with others.
Yesterday was a day to embrace the school ESLRs. Communication, lifelong learning, global citizenry, and problem solving were all on display and you all passed with flying colors.
As with most events like this, it could not have happened without the care and attention of many people. Namely, your teachers – who were amazing! Whether it was holding your phone, teaching you about invertebrates, or fetching your water, they deserve our appreciation. Please find one or more today, look them in the eye, and thank them for what they do. Also, from the front office, Khun Pang arranged every detail of the trip – the permission slips, snacks, waters, Thiadhos guides, yummy lunches, buses, on and on. Thank you, Pang! Finally, Ms. Dew and the school executive board. They trust that when we leave campus and represent KPIS, we do it with pride and honor. You all were excellent representatives yesterday! Thank you for that. Have a well-deserved, restful weekend.
My best always,
Mr. Merritt