Letters: High School goes to the beach!

This October, the high school headed to Samae San Island in the Sattahip District for their annual high school camp. The island, beach, and resort are all close to the Thai Naval base. Camp included the help of the environmentally-conscious group, Thaidos Three Barges, and visits to the turtle conservatory and natural museum were included. The highlight of camp was the second day, which was spent on and around the beaches of Samae San. Evenings included some music, quiz night, movie night, and a pretty cool thunderstorm. The students were outstandingly behaved and we are grateful for the time the teachers dedicated to the experience. Overall, it was a great experience!

This is what some of the high school said about the trip…

“I loved their passion for the environment and their enthusiasm to teach us. The Barges staff were really fun to be around!”

“The walk rally, the quiz night, and the day on the island were all really interesting, educational, and most importantly exciting and fun to do, so I really enjoyed the activities.”

“I really liked snorkeling as I enjoyed seeing the different fishes and corals in the ocean. I also enjoyed the mangrove boardwalk and scavenger hunt.”

“It was very fun and adorable to look at the turtles. It was my first time doing an ethogram and I loved it as we got to observe the turtles and their behaviors. I did get splashed by a turtle but it was a good experience!”

“It turns out that rooming with 9 other girls was the best camp rooming experience so far. The room was my comfort zones after doing exhausting activities. We fought over air conditioner temperatures, shared food, called upon other rooms, murdered insects brutally, and enjoyed ourselves.”

“Could KPIS include a service element in all field trips? Student designed activities. Bring select students on scouting trips so they can be included with planning.”

“Putting 12 ninth grade boys in one room was NOT a good idea!” 🙂