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KIC Univ-Assist visits KPIS International School

It was the second time in 6 months that the KIC Univ-Assist Tour has visited KPIS and once again has resulted in an overwhelming success. It must be understood though that the positive outcome was produced due to the efforts of all share-holders in the program: The KIC Director, Khun Rohit, the university representatives from 7 American universities: Bellevue College, New York Film Academy, The U. of Alabama, University of Hawai’I – Manoa, U. of Houston, The U. of Kansas, and U. of Oklahoma and, without a doubt, the KPIS HS students. Truly, initial reports from all of these groups as well as those teachers and administrators who had a chance to view the program have all provided high praise for the program.
The format of the program with a keynote presentation by Khun Rohit dealing with the changing world of work and the greater need than ever for a higher educational degree set the tone. It was a short, perhaps 15 minute power point presentation that kept the attention of the entire student body. This was followed by a brief, 2-3 minute, introductions of each university representative who provided a capsule shot of their respective institution. We then progressed to the HS Commons where the students were able, in either small groups or individually, to meet with each of the university/college representatives. It would be an understatement to say that the students simply took advantage of the hour long information sessions. The students could be seen interacting and vividly conversing with the institutional representatives for the entire hour. My assessment is that if the KIC group didn’t have to catch an evening flight to Vietnam for their next day visits, we might yet be talking with them.
Post event conversations with many of our Grade 12 students support all of the above. Their excitement after the event was palpable. I can also assure all concerned that the KIC people and the university representatives were, albeit very tired, were extremely pleased with the program. Given the chance again, perhaps in 6 months time, KPIS will once again be able to host the KIC Univ-Assist team.
Mr. John E. Carr

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