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KPIS Elementary School: Grade 3 Project-Based Learning(PBL)

Grade 3 Project-Based Learning(PBL)

Grade 3 put the earth first in their quarter-long, interdisciplinary PBL called “Shrinking Our Footprint,” students learned about the massive impact carbon dioxide has on our planet.

They asked questions as they reviewed loads of data (such as pollution charts, rising temperatures, and images of polar ice caps). The teachers visited a nearby garbage center, too, which was a real eye-opener. Next, the students calculated their own carbon footprint and learned how to use data visualization to further dissect and understand their impact and habits. From there, students drafted a written action plan to persuade their families to make sustainable changes at home. The action plan required commitment from each family member, and weeks later the students were required to reflect on the implementation of their plan complete with captioned photos of the family in action and video commentary on all they’d learned.

To culminate the project and ensure ongoing change towards a smaller carbon footprint, students constructed an art sculpture with removable “recycled leaf” to serve as a reminder of their family’s commitment. The Grade 3 project centered around understanding and visualizing data, persuasive writing, learning about greenhouse gasses, and exploring human impact on our physical world.

We are so proud of our Grade 3 learning community. Their sculpture will be displayed in the library as a reminder to all students to be proactive global citizens and continue their efforts in shrinking their family’s carbon footprint.

Great work Grade 3!

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