KPIS Inter-School Spelling Bee 2019

KPIS Inter-School Spelling Bee 2019

KPIS would like to thank all schools for registering for the KPIS Inter-School Spelling 2019.

Date: November 20, 2019 – 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (Category One: Grade 1 – Grade 2)

         November 21, 2019 – 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (Category Two: Grade 3 – Grade 4)

         November 22, 2019 – 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (Category Three: Grade 5 – Grade 


Venue: KPIS International School Auditorium


Below is a list of the schools participating in the event for this year:


Participating Schools List for KPIS Inter-School Spelling Bee 2019

  1. Anglo Singapore International School, Campus 31 (Categories 1,2)

  2. Anglo Singapore International School, Campus 64 (Category 1)

  3. Assumption College Primary Section (Category 3)

  4. Bangkok Christian International School (Categories 2,3)

  5. Berkeley International School (Categories 1,2,3)

  6. British Columbia International School of Bangkok (Categories 1,2,3)

  7. Dragon International School (Categories 1,2,3)

  8. International Pioneers School (IPS)  (Categories 1,2,3)

  9. KPIS International School (Categories 1,2,3)

  10. Kwong Chow School – English Programme (Categories 1,2,3)

  11. Modern International School, Bangkok (Categories 1,2,3)

  12. Pan Asia International School (PAIS)  (Categories 2,3)

  13. Raffles American School (Categories 1,2,3)

  14. Rasami British International School (Categories 1,2)

  15. Satit Kaset International Program (Categories 1,2,3)

  16. Siam Singapore International School (Categories 1,2,3)

  17. Singapore International School Bangkok (SISB)(Ekamai campus) (Category 1)

  18. Singapore International School of Bangkok(SISB)(Pracha Uthit) (Categories 1,2,3)

  19. Singapore International School of Bangkok(SISB)Suvarnabhumi (Categories 1,2,3)

  20. St. Mark’s International School (Categories 1,2,3)

  21. St. Stephen’s International School Bangkok (Categories 1,2,3)

  22. Thai International School (Categories 2,3)

  23. Thai Sikh International School (Categories 2,3)

  24. Thai- Chinese International School (Categories 1,2,3)

  25. The American School of Bangkok- Green Valley Campus (Categories 1,2,3)

  26. The American School of Bangkok, Sukhumvit Campus (Categories 2,3)

  27. Traill International School (Categories 1,2,3)

  28. Wells International School – On Nut Campus (Category 3)

  29. Wells International School Bang Na campus (Categories 2,3)

Program: Here is the link to the program for the 3 days of the spelling bee 2019

Dress Code for contestants: School uniform 

KPIS Address: KPIS International School, 58 Moo Ramintra 34 Ramintra Road, Bangkhen, Soi 9, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230

Google Map: Here is the link to the google map to reach KPIS

Visitors: Students and Parents are most welcome to come in and watch the Spelling Bee 2019. Visitors will have to exchange their ID cards for a visitor card at the Spelling bee registration desk.

Food: Snack and Lunch will be provided to the spelling bee participants and 2 teachers’  who accompany the participants. There will be food on sale for visitors.

Parking: Parking has been arranged at the “Tawandang German Brewery” which is about 500 m away from KPIS. Once the students have been dropped off at KPIS, the guards at the gate will direct the vans to park at the Tawandang German Brewery. To escape traffic, I request everybody to please use the expressway.

Live Streaming: For those who may not be able to attend the event,  Live Streaming of the KPIS Inter-School Spelling Bee 2019 will be broadcast on KPIS Facebook. 

Here is the link to logon for the live streaming of the event.

Event link: I request you all to log on to the KPIS Inter-School Spelling Bee 2019 event page and click going.


Menu: Here is the Menu for the KPIS Inter-School Spelling Bee 2019

Note:  KPIS will provide almond milk to those with dietary restrictions. If this is not suitable, can I please request you to carry your own milk.

Chicken and Vegetarian will be served at the event. There will be no pork served.

Emergency contact on event days: 


KPIS International School: 029437790 ext 0

Ms. Ritika: 0819211508

Ms. Pang: 0994154406