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KPIS International School Bangkok: Launch to the Moon

Grade Six Science students modeled the upcoming Artemis/Orion launch to the Moon, planned for 2024, as a framework for planning their voyage to the Moon.

After an understanding of orbital mechanics, gravity, and how to reach a moving target, students planned one of three types of missions to answer the assignment’s requirements:
1. Present time: a chemical fuel rocket that burns 90% of its mass to achieve Earth orbit, and then on to the Moon, perform their task, and return;
2. Future time: a ‘warp drive’ that will take them from Earth to the Moon in a short time and return after the mission; and
3. Far future: where a teleporter is used to move from Earth to the Moon instantly

Students at KPIS International School Bangkok explained how these systems work and the advantages and disadvantages of each method in a poster/graphic display/slideshow. Here is an example of one of our astronaut’s completed projects of the Artemis/Orion launch to the Moon .
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