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KPIS International School: Grade 12 Leadership Conference

This year, the Secondary School had our first Senior Leadership Conference from September 1, 2022 to September 3, 2022. This conference gave students, in their final years of high school, the opportunity to collaborate through team building activities, information sessions, and university preparation activities through the BridgeU platform.

We had a great start to the conference as the grade 12 students matched potential careers with their psychometric test results before they headed off to an escape room and buffet dinner. Today, the students moved into university exploration, short-listed, and started their application process.

Last Friday, students continued their learning as they moved from exploring careers to connecting with universities, both in Thailand and overseas. They learned about finding the right university for them and about upcoming application deadlines. After school, students participated in a variety of team building activities that they had prepared and spent the night at the school in the learning center. The principal, counselors, and homeroom teachers supervised them during this time. Last Saturday morning, our grade 12 families came to school and learned more about important university deadline updates from the principal and were served breakfast by their child.

This is an important moment of time for our families and our students and we wanted to ensure that they feel prepared and take advantage of the time they have together before students start their university life.

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