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KPIS International School: Sewing Design

In Grade 1 Design class, the students learned different methods in joining fabrics such as stitching, taping, gluing, stapling and pinning. They were taught how to sew running stitches correctly. Students practiced sewing a running stitch on a paper card and the threading cards as well. Additionally, they were given small fabrics and learned how to put them together using different methods.

Students learned to attach different materials such as ribbon, buttons, and sequins using the same techniques they had learned. Furthermore, students learned to use a wider range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks like cutting, shaping, joining and finishing accurately. It was interesting to see how easily students became familiar with sewing vocabulary such as join, fabric, attach, stitch.

Sewing helps students develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills, learn how to be patient, practice their communication skills, develop fine motor skills, and help them build self-confidence.

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