KPIS Stem Fair 2018

KPIS International School held the 5th Annual KPIS STEM Fair on April 11, 2018. The STEM fair took place in the afternoon during the 4th block.

Elementary School dazzled us with displays in and around the Breezeway with their great projects:

  1.  Grade 1 students in Mr. John’s and Mr. Colin’s classes investigated forces, motion, and gravity with their every-famous marble tracks!
  2. Mr. Richard’s grade 2 students showed off their conservation-conscious drip irrigation system, an essential component of the city of tomorrow!
  3. Mr. Osman’s grade 2 students had DRAGON RACERS that demonstrated how frictional forces from different surfaces affect motion.
  4. Mr. Jeff’s and Mr. Adam’s grade 3 students helped robots take over the world, or at least the world of catch! Their students built automated ball-launching and ball-catching devices.
  5. Mr. Duncan’s and Ms’ Prima’s grade 4 students showed us that the future is solar by demonstrating how solar power can be harnessed to do work (cooking work, that is!)
  6. Mr. Tom and Ms. Marjorie changed their classes into civil engineering academies as their students designed and built bridges from craft sticks capable of holding the greatest mass possible.

The secondary school engineering challenge had the following events:

  1. William Tell’s Overture. Teams of students designed and built their own bow-and-arrow style projectile launchers and tried to hit targets at three specified distances.
  2. Newton’s Vehicle. Teams of students had designed and built their own “dummy” (unpowered) model vehicles and gravity-powered launchers to propel them a specified, but as-yet-unknown, the distance through the miracle of gravity-to-kinetics energy transfer.
  3. Exciting Energy. Teams of students designed and build their own “Rube Goldberg” devices designed to be started with a chopstick and end with a bell, running as long as possible, and performed as many energy transfers as possible with no additional input of energy.

It was an afternoon filled where students displayed their learning satisfaction and achievement.


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