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KPIS International School: Student Achievements


On October 8th & 9th, 1600 students across 70 countries participated in an Online Mathematics Competition organized by Pan-Asia International School & Rangsit University. Fifteen of those students were from KPIS International School in Bangkok! The Competition was open to all 4th – 11th graders but KPIS graciously sponsored the top 3 students in grades 4, 7, 9 & 11 based on their recent MAP mathematics scores.

The Competition Exam consisted of 40 multiple-choice questions in a time span of 90 minutes. Four age-appropriate, challenging versions of the exam were offered to our students.

Richard, grade 11 student, thought the exam was interesting and said, “It was very satisfying when I eventually solved a problem I kept coming back to. It was also exciting to be exposed to new problems and I look forward to learning how to solve them in the near future”.

Congratulations to all our young mathematicians for earning Honorable Mentions (at least a score of 5) or Bronze (top 45%) or Silver (top 25%) Accomplishments.

SILVER: Bew (5/1), Por Por (5/2), Alex (7/2)
BRONZE: Jessica (7/2), Ritesh (8/2), Music (G11), Grace (G11)
HONORABLE MENTION: Brian (5/1), Aungpao (5/2), Chun (5/2), Olympic (7/1), Win (G9), Birdie (G9), Bam Bam (G9), Richard (G11)


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