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KPIS International School: University Visit

Senior Careers class

KPIS International School would like to thank the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology at Mahidol University for joining our Senior Careers class. It was a morning full of fruitful discussions on career options, future planning, and the practical implications of the decisions our students are making right now!

At the high school level, it can be difficult for students to draw connections between university majors and the career trajectories they lead to, but in his presentation, Mr. Stephen Smith from Mahidol University bridged exactly that gap.

The High School students were introduced to how ICT can be used as a foundation for technical, financial, and management fields, as well as the salaries they can expect upon graduation four years down the line. 

Furthermore, Mr. Smith had data supporting the success of Mahidol ICT’s alumni, as the faculty supplies graduates to leading companies in Thailand, boasting that a majority of hires at Rabbit Tale and Agoda are their own. It’s no surprise then that he got some brains rolling and our seniors tapped into his valuable expertise to learn about how a degree in ICT may fit into their career plans.

The presenters also shared specific insider advice with our students on what to emphasize and what to omit from their portfolios, factors that their interviewers will be evaluating them on in their second round interviews, and the SAT and IELTS scores they should aim for in order to secure a spot at the university. To add to all of this, the presenters brought a whole lot of goodies and interactive info-packs to KPIS International School to give away, engaging our students all the more. 

We thank ICT Mahidol for their visit once again and we’ll be sure they catch at least a few of us at the interviews!


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