Creating a Love of Learning

Here in kindergarten, we believe in creating a love of learning for every student in these early years. Using the principles of the creative curriculum combined with our pockets of play and adaptable learning center, we provide an environment that nurtures young minds. Our goal here at the Kindergarten in KPIS International School is to provide an up-to-date facility made for 21st-century learning.


Establishing Foundations

Elementary school

The Elementary School years build the foundation for deeper learning in all areas, specifically reading and math. Students strengthen their independent learning and start to learn to work collaboratively in groups. It is where practices of learning and skills take hold, and where students are fostered and challenged to maintain their curiosity and creativity while developing their further self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills.

Experimenting and Exploring

Middle school may be the most challenging years of a child’s life. This is the time that they are becoming teenagers and are starting to develop their own identity. Middle schoolers at KPIS International School Bangkok build on those skills learned since kindergarten while enhancing the learning skills in more preparation for high school, mastering the organizational skills, discipline, and attitudes needed for learning in a more rigorous academic setting.

Middle School

Launching into the real world

High School is like the launchpad into the real world. To prepare for this, we have the students learn through real-world experiences, projects that can be implemented, and most importantly, to work with ethics and social responsibility. To become leaders and citizens of the world. As students get closer to graduating from KPIS International School Bangkok, the school focuses more on preparing them and assisting them in finding and applying to the most suitable universities or career paths.

High School

A well-balanced hands-on education for the 21st Century.

At KPIS International School, we believe in an American education system based on the Common Core State Standards. Students learn skills that prepare them for their future, such as independent thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and global thinking. We create a learning environment that guides students to truly become global citizens of our world.

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