KPIS Music Challenge 2018

On March 23, 2018, KPIS hosted the tenth anniversary special: KPIS Music Challenge 2018 where 27 international and bilingual schools participated. This competition aims to promote singing, band & dancing contests in Thailand by developing and encouraging young people to show and develop their musical talents.


There were three categories, which included band, singing, and dance. The schools that participated were:

  1. Amnuay Silpa School (Singing Category)
  2. Assumption College Thonburi (Band Category)
  3. Bangkok Patana School (Singing Category)
  4. Bhartiyam Vidya Niketan, India (Singing, Dance Categories)
  5. British Columbia International School of Bangkok (Band, Singing Categories)
  6. California Prep International School (Band, Singing Categories)
  7.   Garden International School, Bangkok (Band, Singing Categories)
  8. Headstart International School, Phuket (Singing Category)
  9. Heathfield International School (Band, Dance Categories)
  10.   KIS International School (Band, Singing and Dance Categories)
  11.   KPIS International School (Band, Singing and Dance Categories)
  12.   Mahidol University International Demonstration School (Dance Category)
  13. NIST International School (Singing Category)
  14. Pan Asia International School  (Band, Singing Categories)
  15. Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School (Singing, Dance Categories)
  16. Sarasas Ektra School (Band Category)
  17. Satit Kaset International Program (Band, Singing and Dance Categories)
  18.   Satit Pattana School (Singing Category)
  19. Satit Prasarnmit International Programme (Band, Dance Categories)
  20. Singapore International School of Bangkok ( Singing category)
  21. St Andrews Green Valley International School (Band, Dance Categories)
  22. The American School of Bangkok, Sukhumvit Campus  (Band, Singing and Dance Categories)
  23. The American School of Bangkok, Green Valley Campus(Band Category)
  24. The Regent’s International School Bangkok (Singing, Dance Categories)
  25. Triamudomsuksanomklao School(Mixed group) (Band Category)
  26. Trinity International School (TRIS) (Singing Category)
  27. Wells International School (Dance Category)

The winners of the KPIS Music Challenge 2018 were:

Band Category:

1)    Satit Prasarnmit International Programme

Fortissimo – Sky Fall –   455 pts

2)    Sarasas Ektra School

Fortissimo – Confetti – 454 pts

3)    British Columbia International School of Bangkok

Gonnnn – Rolling in the deep – 438 pts

Singing Category:

1)    The Regent’s International School Bangkok

Momo – Symphony – 449 pts

2)    Bangkok Patana School

Kristya- Hallelujah – 446 pts

3)    KIS International School

Isabella – Girl in 14g – 445 pts

Dance Category:

1)    The American School of Bangkok, Sukhumvit Campus

ASB – 416 pts

2)    KIS International School

Octane – 414 pts

3)    KPIS International School

Vandeliez – 380.5 pts

Special Prizes:

Professional Recording Session @ Rockademy Studio.

(Worth 50,000 Baht)

Winner: St Andrews Green Valley International School – Dangerous Dreams -The Voices

Winner: Satit Kaset International Program

Tiara – Stranger than me

Special prize worth 16,500 Baht voucher from Superstar Academy

Winner: KPIS International School

Seya Thongchua – End of road / I have

Favorite Team in each Category:

Favorite Band team

Winner: Satit Prasarnmit International Programme


Favourite Singing team

Winner: The Regent’s International School Bangkok


Favorite Dance team

Winner: Bharatiyam Vidya Niketan, India

Popular Vote

Satit Kaset IP- Blazing Five with 994 likes on Facebook and Instagram

Certificate Design: By KPIS Student

Winner Name: Mae Jordaine B. (Annie) Diopenes

Early Bird Prizes:

First prize- *Headstart International School of Phuket – Dasha        (student’s name)

Second prize-*KPIS International School – Purse, KPIS

Third prize- *KIS International School: Hexar Band

Praewa Srisupaat

Emvalee Trakulkasemsuk

Runn Sribhibhadh

Denim Sperisen

Rachata Chinburi

Supakorn Siripornpitak

KPIS would like to thank their sponsors: main sponsors: One Systems Productions, Light and Sound Design Systems Co. Ltd, Pioneer DJ, Major Cineplex, Smooth E, Rockademy, Superstar College of Asia; co sponsors: Mahajak, Sony, MSH Ash- Asia, Bose, Music Store Megabangna, Bectero Music, Lazgam Laser Games, Warner Music, Usmile Kids and Phuket Academy of Performing Arts for sponsoring the event.

A Big thank you to all the staff and students of KPIS without whose support this event would not have been such a big success. It was a great day filled with enjoyment, good music and interaction amongst all.


Ritika Mirchandani

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