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KPIS Parenting 101: Philosophy for Children

On Monday, 21st of January  parents from KPIS Kindergarten and Elementary departments were invited to join a parenting 101 workshop led by Duncan McNamara, one of our Grade 4 teachers. The focus of the workshop was on the value of teaching children thinking skills that foster inquiry, through story. The underlying message was that through sharing stories with children:
  • a love of literature can be nurtured
  • a context for critical thinking and discussion on issues of importance can be fostered
  • a community of shared inquiry can be formed
  • a stimulus for imagination, verbal and visual creativity can be provided
  • a rich opportunity to practice active listening and speaking skills is presented
The feedback from the workshop was positive and as a school we look forward to continuing to provide parents with opportunities to participate in workshops that bridge the critically important relationship between school and home.
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