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KPIS Secondary School: Biology

Using a pig heart, our grade 10 students observed the heart’s main chambers, valves, and blood vessels and can now describe blood circulation through the heart to the lungs and back and out to the rest of the body. (The pig heart is used because it is very similar to the human heart in structure, size, & function.)

The essential questions in this activity were, “What is the major structure of the heart?”, “Which side of the heart is more muscular? Why is this?”, “Describe blood flow through the human heart, elaborating on what role each part of the heart plays in the process.” and “Describe the major blood vessels and role of valves.”

At KPIS, we look forward to creating an all-around – wholesome experience for every student. We understand that every child is unique and learns differently. Therefore, with our experiential learning approach, we believe we can help students prepare for any challenge the future may bring.

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