KPIS International School: Summer School Program for secondary students

Dear KPIS Parents,
We are very excited about the expansion and development of the Summer Program here at KPIS International School, Ramintra, Bangkok, Thailand. For secondary students, we have 4 course offerings to help student consolidate and enrich their learning. The Summer Program is five weeks long, from 9 am to 3 pm every weekday and is in session between June 12 and July 16, 2019. We have 8 KPIS secondary teachers here to ensure the program is of the highest quality and aligned with school learning objectives and philosophy. Please call the front office to enroll your child or ask questions.  Summer school students select one class to attend:

  1. English & Tech: This is an intensive English study course with a twist. We are opening our computer lab and ICT teacher to help give a medium and purpose for language use and skill development. Improve your English – spoken, written, academic – and your understanding of language use through technology tools this summer! High school students earn ½ credit of ELA and ½ of technology with this course.
  2. Summer Math: Strengthen your algebra skills, understand the geometry standards, move to an accelerated track, or simply fight the summer slump with Summer Math. Some of our most experienced teachers are staying at school this summer to help you meet your mathematics goals. 1 full credit of mathematics is available by taking this intensive math course for High School students.
  3. Studio Art: MS: Students will develop skills in drawing and painting and apply technical skills on how to draw a portrait with exact proportion. They will apply different techniques and learn types of shading techniques with pencil. They may be painting a still life of everyday objects or drawing a self-portrait rendered with pencil.
  4. Summer Chinese: Students will be placed into one of two groups: Basic – aims at acquisition of the usual basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Presentation of basic grammar and an introduction to Chinese culture. Pinyin (the most widely used Chinese phonetic system) will be taught as a tool to learn the spoken language. Students will also learn Chinese characters in order to be able to communicate effectively in real Chinese situations. Improving: This course offers Chinese for daily communication through intensive study and practice in written and spoken Chinese. Students will carry on conversations and participate in classroom discussions in Mandarin Chinese on various topics associated with daily life and learn to write short passages in Chinese characters.

Warm regards,
Matthew Merritt
Secondary School Principal