KPIS Summer School Program 2018

KPIS Summer Fun and Growth Camp takes place at the school campus. Our Summer Camp focuses on developing learners’ English language capabilities with an emphasis on phonics, reading, math and Thai. The learners will work together to tackle challenging tasks in a creative and stimulating environment based on a theme. We aim to foster and build a vital life skill such as teamwork and collaboration. They will set goals and challenge themselves while improving their individual skills and abilities. Learners will lead an active lifestyle, work in teams, extending personal limits as well taking part physical activities which are vital for a successful and balanced life.

Location:     KPIS International School

Date:         June 13, 2018 - July 17, 2018
Timings:      9.00 a.m. -2.30 p.m.
Contact:      Ms. Aey at 02-9437790 ext 0 or email
Price:        7,900 Baht/week for 1 week
              7,500 Baht/week for 2 weeks
              (total = 15,000 B)
              32,000 Baht/ for 5 weeks


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