The Creative Curriculum

Our goal at the International Kindergarten at KPIS School is to provide an up-to-date facility made for 21st-century learning that nurtures a perfect environment for modern-day education both inside and outside the classroom.

Our nursery and preschool curriculum is based on the principles of the creative curriculum which focuses on four main topics that will develop students into becoming well-rounded, wholesome individuals: Social/Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development, and Language Development.

With these objectives in mind, combined with the concept that children learn best when they are having fun and engaged, our KPIS International Kindergarten facility is designed to celebrate the love of learning in everyone.


Adaptable Learning Centers

Students are imaginative, and they need a place to express themselves. We provide a space for performances,  and role-playing activities in our learning centers where they will learn about taking responsibility, self-care, building positive relationships with friends. With an adaptable area and open plan here at the nursery, pre-school, and kindergarten in KPIS International School, space lends itself to new activities that not only promote learning about social interaction but also public awareness.


Every child is filled with energy waiting to burst out into the world. This energy is transformed into active playing and physical activities that spark curiosity in them. With different forms of equipment to fulfill different physical movements, our nursery and kindergarten playground boosts this energy into good use. From climbing, sliding, and running to sandplay and waterplay, the students will learn to use their bodies and explore the world around them.

Pockets of Play

Play is essential to the learning process of children, and play can come in a variety of forms to create development in many ways. Therefore, our learning environment at the international kindergarten in KPIS International School has pockets of play in every corner with different objectives, with walls for logical thinking, problem-solving, understanding nature, exploring each of the five senses, literacy, and so much more. This way, every child gets a new learning experience everywhere they go.


Technology Integration

Finally, modern-day learning is not confined to textbooks and remembering terms; it is to open up a love of learning and spark excitement in young learners. Our classrooms at the KPIS International Kindergarten are designed to facilitate these activities that can range from fine arts skills to technology and games that will inspire the students to learn more about the world around them.

Activity Area

Culture is an essential part of our learning here at the KPIS International Nursery and PreSchool. This stems from the learning to speak, listen, read and write which they can always practice on our wall-play pockets and extends to activities that we host in different areas of the Kindergarten. With our open space area for exhibition and functions, we curate fun activities related to world events so that our students are aware, understand, and grow an appreciation of all cultures.