Mother’s Day speech by Thanyasinee Rattanapol, Grade 12 student, KPIS International School

Mother’s Day speech by KPIS student, Thanyasinee Rattanapol, Grade 12 student, KPIS International School

“Hello, my name is Nuey from Grade 12

Since today is Mother’s Day, I will be talking about the meaning and the importance of a Mother’s day.

Mom, what do guys think of this word? For me, this word is just a short word but has a profound meaning.

A mother is a person who gives without expecting something in return.

A mother is a person who gives knowledge and does all these things with unconditional love even if she’s tired, a mother will always find what’s best for us. 

Often she may complain, scold, talk about the same thing over and over but this is because she loves and cares and wants us to be a good person to society. 

A mother’s love is pure love that cannot be found anywhere else.

 In return for the love and good things that the mother has always given.

I believe that everyone has good love around them. Do not think that you are alone. We have love from friends from teachers from peers from family and important from our parents. So don’t be shy or neglected to show love to our mothers. When today we show love for everyone around you And why do we not show love to those who love and hope better than anyone else on this earth?

Let’s start showing love to your mother today.

Thank you.”
– Thanyasinee Rattanapol
Grade 12 student
KPIS International School