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Community Service

Community Service is an integral part of KPIS International School and our mission of developing global citizens. It is a requirement that endeavors to strengthen the student’s sense of civic engagement and compassion for others. The Community Service requirement can be done through various opportunities at school or outside of school. The work that students do contributes to improving the school, the local community, and the lives of others. These activities give students meaningful experiences and lifelong impressions.

Service-based Learning: In high school and middle school teachers include service projects within their thematic units. Students are given opportunities to make valuable contributions to communities through service projects coordinated with the school and community. Teachers serve as advisers to guide the students through project completion. Students are given structured time to think, talk, or write about their experiences with the service activity.

Students are also given opportunities to lead independent clubs throughout the academic year, to host workshops, outreach programs, awareness programs, and fundraising activities. They can attend conferences like Service, which is a platform where students and teachers from various international schools collaborate and network on community service projects throughout Thailand.

Community Service as a Social Requirement for Graduation
To be eligible for graduation from KPIS International School Bangkok, students must complete the social requirement for:

  • work education of 100 hours during high-school attendance from Grades 9-12, recommended to complete 25 hours or more per year; and
  • a major community service project, or two to four smaller ones, that can be equated to 100 equivalent hoursMost service hour requirements can be completed through programs in the school. The in-school community service opportunities currently available at the school include:
  • Assistant Librarian. The Assistant Librarian’s role is to assist the Librarian with organizing and managing books in the library, as well as logging in book circulation.
  • Reading Program Assistant. The Reading Program Assistant’s role is to assist teachers during student reading time. The student is paired with an elementary student to assist them with learning how to read, understand, and possibly analyze the assigned books.
  • Peer Buddy. The role of the Peer Buddy is to assist the counselor with any elementary or middle school student who is in need of support which may be with social problems or academic challenges. Students that choose this service must go through training with the counselor on how to help students deal with problems and make their time at school happier.
  • English Speaking Assistant. The role of the English Speaking Assistant is to become a spokesperson to encourage English speaking in our school. Students create a campaign that reinforces the importance of speaking English through assemblies, presentations, variety shows, class activities, and posters.
  • Music Coach. The role of the Music Coach is to assist the music teacher with the running of the Elementary School Choir and Secondary School Bands. This includes directing, coaching, and teaching elementary students.
  • Assistant Art Teacher. The Assistant Art Teacher’s role is to assist the art teachers with preparations and running the elementary art club. Students help organize activities, teach art techniques, and give feedback and guidance to the younger students.
  • IT Class Assistant. The IT Class Assistant’s role is to assist the IT teachers with preparations and running of the elementary IT lessons. Students help organize activities, teach IT skills, and give younger students feedback and guidance in their work.
  • Sports Coach (Badminton, Swimming, etc). Students who choose this service are trained in sports leadership to become an assistant coach to an elementary sports team of their choice. Students work with the PE teachers to gain the skills required to become a sports coach.
  • Make-it-Big Committee. The role of a Make-it-Big Committee member is to support certain charities and take the lead on fundraising activities for those certain causes.
  • Gardening Project Member. The role of a Gardening Project member is to be involved and take lead actions to germinate seeds, cultivate the soil, pull weeds, and grow fruits and vegetables for the school’s community garden.
  • Amnesty International Club. As a Human Rights Friendly Schools we encourage and support the development of a global culture of human rights by empowering young people, teachers, and the wider school community to create human rights friendly school communities across the world. Our Amnesty International Club is a Human Rights club run by students towards developing a whole-school approach to human rights education, integrating human rights values and principles into key areas of school life. They organize school-wide simulations, awareness programs and organize Write for Rights program which encourages everyone in the school to take part in writing letters of protest and advocacy for those whose Human Rights have been violated.
  • Office Administrative Assistant. The role of the Office Administrative Assistant is to assist the front office staff with customer service queries and office clerical tasks.

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