Parenting 101: Baking with Khun Jeng

The Parenting 101: Baking with Khun Jeng was held today, 23 August 2018 at the KPIS Campus. The workshop was from 9.00 am – 11.00 am. It was hosted by Khun Vilailuk Thongchua(Jeng), Milkyway Bakery, KPIS Parent. It was open to all KPIS parents with or no baking experience.

The morning started with parents registering for the workshop. They then picked up an apron from the register desk and walked in. Khun Jeng began with baking cookies. Parents could choose to bake alone or in a group. They had to bake cookies from scratch. It was a delight to see how everybody measured the ingredients, mixed and scooped the cookie dough onto the baking tray. This was followed by a demonstration of brownie baking with 4 different toppings.

It was an engaging and hands-on class where parents spent an enjoyable and memorable morning baking at KPIS. KPIS would like to thank Khun Jeng and all the parents for their support and participation in making today’s workshop a success.

Here is a link to more photos of the KPIS Parenting 101: Baking with Khun Jeng Workshop