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Poverty Simulation and Collaboration

On 28th of February, Grade 11 students and KPIS Amnesty Club members from Grade 9 had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a poverty simulation and collaboration activity with high school students from St. Andrews International School at their Sukhumvit 107 campus.
The goal of this activity was to raise awareness on issues like poverty and refugee crisis as a global phenomenon. In addition, the goal was also to encourage students to be involved in problem solving and critical thinking activities.
The event started with an ice-breaker activity to warm up the students for conversation and team building. After the ice-breaker activity, students were split into “family groups” to role-play the lives of low-income families who were trying to maintain their self-sufficiency by earning their livelihood in a sweatshop.
For two hours, students were in an experiential setting where each family had to make paper bags and meet the demands of a ruthless employer. They also had to manage funds, face challenges, solve problems, and make crucial decisions to meet the needs of their families.
By the end of the simulation, students were sensitized to the realities of poverty which were evident through their feedback in the reflection session.
KPIS Amnesty Club were also given an opportunity to do a short presentation about their club and their recent activities.
The event concluded with a brainstorming session on ideas on potential outreach programs to help urban refugees in Bangkok.
Overall, it was a successful event for poverty simulation and collaboration between the students of KPIS International School and St. Andrews International School.
On behalf of KPIS Community Service team, I would like to thank all teachers and staff for supporting all our projects. Big thanks to Mr. Tim for volunteering to be one of the chaperons.
Ms. Upashna

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