President’s Message

KPIS International School opened its doors in 2005. The idea of the school culminated from the desire of my family to give our children a world-class education, with international exposure. We did not have backgrounds in the business of education; we only knew what we wanted for our children, which is to be well-rounded, happy citizens in the world of the future. Whatever that future may hold, our children need to be ready. And so we are preparing our children for an emerging, ever-changing future.

I often ask myself, What does it mean to be well-rounded? How do you know when someone is happy? What do our children need to be ready for the world of tomorrow?

To me, “well-rounded” means more than simply having knowledge and understanding in several areas of the arts and sciences. It is also more than having exposure to a variety of experiences. It is having acquired transferable skills that can be applied in most any situation, giving one physical, emotional, and social balance and grounding.

So, my goal has become graduating students that meet that criteria. And I take this goal very personally.

With this goal in mind, what do I expect from myself? I expect that I will always be on top of and focused on this goal, continuously looking forward and directing the school to not only prepare our children for the present but to be prepared for the future.

My directors and principals must share this vision, the vision of a superior education that will prepare our students for the future; and they need to be able to make our vision become a reality.

My teachers will do their best to teach the skills and concepts as required by the curriculum. I expect them to take care of our children as if they were their own. And, as with all staff, I expect them to be professional, positive, and personalize the needs of each student in their charge.

What are my expectations of our parents? Firstly, I would want you to ask yourself what you want most for your child(ren). If the answer is any of the above, in an English-language education, the sooner you start, the better. If you want your children to be happy, safe and feel supported while learning, KPIS is the place for you.

What I expect from our students? I expect that all our students will be themselves, grow into their own, positively embrace the learning opportunities ahead of them, understand where their abilities are, and what they should work on to get to where they need to be.

My team and I dedicate ourselves everyday to our goals for our children, so that they will be ready for the future, whatever it may hold, be successful in whatever they choose to do, and be content with their lives, wherever it may lead them.