Study Abroad Program

In addition to offering programs within the framework of the curriculum, co-curricular activities, as well as extracurricular activities, KPIS also offers programs for high school students to broaden their perspective of international education through our “Study Abroad Program”.  

Through this special program, students have the opportunity to take classes from one of five high schools in the River East Transcona Division (RETSD) in Winnipeg, Canada.

The River East District is the second-largest school district in Manitoba.

KPIS students who are eligible to join have the option to participate in the RETSD High School Program for one semester each school year with minimum cost.  This is an excellent opportunity to see the world, take in a new culture, find new interests, make lifelong friends, and most of all, to enhance personal development.

Students who are interested in this program and would like more information may contact the KPIS Counseling Office.