Success for Tuskers at KPIS International School

Dear KPIS International School Community,
Yesterday was our final day of competition in this year’s ISAA competitive inter-school sports league. There are nine schools competing in this league in seven different sports, all producing a high standard of athletic performance.

KPIS International School Tusker’s final standing in the ISAA league for this year is Second, which is our highest ever position.

Congratulations to this year’s winning school, RAIS, a larger school which has efficiently and effectively dedicated significant resources to the training of their teams, and has consequently dominated this league for many years. This is a remarkable achievement for KPIS, and it presents our community with a lot to be proud of.

Of particular note were the performances of our track and field and swimming squads, who were outstanding as well as dominating in their success.

However, it is also impossible to achieve such success in the ISAA League without entering teams into all of the competitions, as we did this year. There was no competition, in any age group, that did not have a KPIS representative team involved, which required the formation, organisation, training, and management of 60 KPIS International School Teams.

Both of these factors reflect the dedication and countless hours of hard work given by PE teachers Bryan, Sz and Jonathan, who have voluntarily given their own free time to training the squads four afternoons per week, every week, since last August.

It also reflects the support and encouragement from all teachers and staff at KPIS International School, especially teachers Becky, Gina, and Harry for their additional voluntary engagement, enthusiasm and encouragement.

But most importantly, though, this result would not have been possible without the motivation of the students that have been involved, including their determination to overcome challenges involving team kit, missing lessons, etc.

This, of course, not only includes the students that directly represented the KPIS school teams, but also all of students that attended the training sessions, regardless of their selection to the team or not.

Now, it is really important that the momentum we have achieved from this great result is not lost, and training continues with the same dedication and determination as before. We need to build upon this success and aim to present a concerted challenge to RAIS for next year’s First place.

Again, well done, and thank you to every member of the KPIS International School community that has contributed to our success this year.

Richard Leeming
H.O.D. Physical and Health Education, Athletics Director
KPIS International School, Bangkok, Thailand