Thai New Year celebration at KPIS

The KPIS Songkran(Thai New Year) celebration was held on Thursday, April 12, 2018.  This celebration was organized by the Thai department of KPIS International School. The Songkran activities started early morning with the entire KPIS Community being involved in Merit Making which was followed by the pouring water ceremony. The celebration then continued with activities organized by high school students

On the Breezeway, there were various stations where students taught others to make Look Choup, Khanom Bualoi(Thai dessert) and Khanom Khrok(Thai dish).  All enjoyed eating the food that they had learned to prepare. There were many Thai Music and dance performances by the High School students.

On the Soccer field, there were stations with  water activities such as Steering water balloon, Water-full balloon, Building sand Pagoda and Back pass water bucket

Students had a lot of fun visiting the various stations and appreciated learning more about Thai Food and Festivities.  It was indeed a fun-filled and wet day!