UNESCO representatives at KPIS International School for a presentation on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

On Friday, August 23rd, 2019, KPIS International School had the privilege of welcoming a handful of UNESCO representatives to school grounds for a presentation on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The presentation, given to our secondary students, is a result of a growing relationship between KPIS International School and UNESCO. Just last year, KPIS became the first school in Thailand to host UNESCO’s “Writing Peace Exhibit” – a week-long exhibit which promoted the values of language and culture found throughout the world. The SDG presentation gave students and teachers a glimpse into the current state of South East Asia’s progress towards the year 2030 (a year designated by UNESCO to achieve all 17 SDGs). Furthermore, students had the opportunity to ask UNESCO representatives questions related to the history, progress, and vision of UNESCO. One of the highlights of the presentation came towards the end when a select group of students (middle and high school) were featured on stage for their continued work on a peace sculpture in partnership with UNESCO. These students continue to exemplify what it means to be a KPIS Tusker.

After the 30-minute presentation students were divided into 5 groups, from which they were able to engage in an SDG activity. The activity tasked students with having to give opinions and rethink initial ideas on the areas of peace, prosperity, our world, and the human race. Students walked away from the activity with a heightened awareness of the global challenges we are facing each day and how as students, they can make a change.