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KPIS International School: Virtual Teacher In-service Day

The first virtual staff meeting for semester 2 of ACY 2020-2021 was held today at KPIS International School. It was lead by the Head of School, Ms. Dew Intakanok,  Dr. Roxy J. Pestello, Associate Director of KPIS, and Mr. Ben Edmunds, Director Of Initiatives & Student Affairs.

Ms. Dew expressed her gratitude to the kindergarten team for always focusing on what is best for our youngest learners – watching them, literally watching them at every step that they make, and nurturing their curiosity for learning and wanting to come to school. To the elementary team for focusing on building those foundational skills that are much needed for their lives in the future, for working on fun, engaging and interactive activities that help encourage a love of learning. And last but not least, to the secondary school team for their patience, willingness to learn and listen, to support each other, support the kids, challenge them with the rigor that is needed while balancing the curriculum and activities to allow them to find themselves and become global learners and citizens of the world.

Dr. Roxy then spoke about the school’s timeline and plan for scheduling contract renewals with teachers and staff.

Lastly, Mr. Ben talked about the updates regarding COVID-19, the protocols for the school, and how we keep track of what’s going on not only at school but in the community at large. He also shared the importance of self-care, looking after yourself both physically and mentally during this time.

All efforts will be directed to make KPIS distance learning focused, interactive, and engaging!  KPIS International School in Bangkok will continue to practice the protocols, maintain positivity, flexibility, and adaptability

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