Welcome Letter from Head of School, Ms. Dew Intakanok

Dear Parents and Students,

On behalf of the KPIS School Board and Leadership Team, I would like to welcome you back to school, for what promises to be yet another successful and memorable school year!

The great thing about working in schools is that there is always a fresh start to a new year. New school year brings with it the promise of new beginnings and infinite possibilities.

This year, we will continue on the advancements that we have started last year. We will continue to enhance our whole school curriculum, better infuse our ESLRs into everything we do, and most importantly continue to make LEARNING VISIBLE! Last but not least and as a reminder, WASC will be visiting us this school year, please help us welcome them (once the visit date is confirmed we will let you know). And of course, power school will remain the main mode of communication for student progress.

Last year, we had a successful year, with continued progress and improvement in our quality of education, from AP program development on down to expansion in the Early Years program, and our MAP scores; we have had continued retention of students and growth in student enrollment and most importantly, our reputation as a quality school continues to grow. We will continue to strive to improve and maintain the things we do well.

We have a strong team and I am confident that we will have another fantastic year!


Dew Intakanok
Head of School