A KPIS graduate is ...

An effective communicator
who: actively listens in a group setting by asking questions, seeking clarifications, and interactin...
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A self-directed lifelong learner
who: pursues personal goals and interests by participating in extracurricular activities; regularly ...
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A responsible global citizen
who: actively learns about and cares about the natural environment; understands and respects diversi...
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A critical thinker and problem solver
who: meaningfully defines and analyzes problems; gathers, organizes, and analyzes information from ...
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KPIS International School: News, Events & Activities

UNESCO International Day of Education at KPIS
July 10, 2020
The staff and students of KPIS celebrated UNESCO’s (the United Nations educational department) annual International Day of Education on Friday, January 31, 2020. In 2018, the UN declared
KPIS International School Grade 3 Awards
June 9, 2020
Students in Grade Three at KPIS International School Bangkok published a video explaining the award that they had received at the end of the school year. Students also mentioned what the...
KPIS Giving Forward Campaign
KPIS Giving Forward Campaign
May 11, 2020
KPIS International School in Bangkok seeks to contribute to the welfare of our community by initiating the KPIS Giving Forward Campaign, inspired by the Pay it Forward Thailand Campaign. ...
A KPIS International School student doing the Tabata workout
April 28, 2020
Take a break and watch a KPIS International School student do the Tabata Workout. All classes in the lower elementary were assigned to do the Tabata Exercise. Tabata is a high-intens...
Bake and Learn: Grade 2
Bake and Learn: Grade 2
April 8, 2020
👩‍🍳 This Academic year of 2019-2020, Grade 2 Chefs had cooked up some states of matter chocolate chip cookies! 🍪 Students observed and discussed how heat changes the state of matter in the
World Down Syndrome Day
World Down Syndrome Day
March 24, 2020
Grade 1 students at KPIS International School participated in World Down Syndrome Day 2020 by wearing LOTS OF 🧦🧦SOCKS🧦🧦! The goal is to get the world talking about WDSD by wearing
Distance Learning at KPIS International School
Distance Learning at KPIS International School
March 22, 2020
Our teachers continue to do their best to deliver a great distance learning experience here at KPIS International School, Bangkok, Thailand. For more information on KPIS Distance Learnin...
KPIS Kindergarten Song: “I’ve Got The Rhythm”
KPIS Kindergarten Song: “I’ve Got The Rhythm”
March 20, 2020
"I've Got The Rhythm" is a song that is a part of the P. E. Class and a new introduction here at the KPIS International School Kindergarten. It covers areas of Development and Learning; Soc...




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