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Welcome to KPIS International School - Home of the Tuskers! I feel privileged and honored to be a part of and in service to the KPIS Community. Our commitment to academic excellence, student well-being, and the development of essential life skills in the ever-developing modern world remains unwavering. We strive to foster a nurturing environment where administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students collaborate effectively, ensuring the best possible learning experience for all. With a professional focus on communication, collaboration, and safeguarding, I am dedicated to creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for our students. Our ongoing commitment to improving our facilities and investing in our exceptional teachers and staff is essential to delivering a well-rounded educational experience. By creating a safe and conducive learning environment for our students and a supportive workspace for our dedicated staff, we foster a strong sense of community among all stakeholders. Alongside the other members of our leadership team, I am excited to work closely with our great team of educators, staff, students, parents, and guardians to collectively shape a bright future for our school, embracing the challenges of rapid change and innovation that are part of life today. Clear and effective communication is of utmost importance to the school and to me, and I encourage each one of you to share your insights, suggestions, and ideas. Together, we can create a positive and enriching experience for our students that will last with them long after they graduate. Let us work together, committed to providing the best possible educational journey and opportunities for our students, the visionary leaders of tomorrow. Ben Edmunds Head of School
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KPIS uses standards-based grading to measure our students’ mastery of the curriculum standards, or how well students understand the material in class. Assessment, like instruction, is an ongoing process. Whether it be informal or formal, formative or summative, teachers are constantly evaluating their students. Teachers aim to report some form of assessment approximately every five contact hours with students This can include anything from an ungraded formative observation based on a discussion, to a unit final assessment. Ongoing assessment of students in Kindergarten and a focus on what is important for each child's learning and development through continuous observations are the keys to planning appropriate learning experiences and helping all students succeed. The assessment includes collecting facts and observing the child during everyday play periods, lessons and activities. In Elementary and Middle school, students are assessed throughout the academic year using a variety of tools to evaluate and document progress and academic readiness. Teachers use both formative and summative assessment methods which include classroom observations, conferencing, weekly quizzes, exit tickets, class projects and end of unit assessments. Standards-based grading enables teachers to observe the outcome of assessments and effectively modify instruction to suit the needs of every individual student. In High school, students receive a final A-F grade in each class. This grade is calculated by PowerSchool based on an average of all top-level standards assessed during the term. High school grade point averages are calculated as a weighted (by number of credits) average of the semester grades from each class. Advanced Placement course grades are awarded an extra grade point for these calculations. Assessment may come in many forms. At KPIS we use assessments to ensure every student is learning and progressing and how we can adapt our teaching methods to match each students’ learning process.
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The teachers really love what they do at the school. They love teaching, they love children, and they love preparing
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