KPIS Kindergarten, Bangkok

International Kindergarten in Bangkok International Kindergarten in BangkokInternational Kindergarten in Bangkok

KPIS Kindergarten

During the early stages of a child’s life, we prepare the child for a lifetime of learning at the KPIS International School Kindergarten in Bangkok. These are crucial times in which we work hard to provide an environment in which the child develops a love of learning, curiosity, and a healthy mind and body.

Our kindergarten learning centers help nourish and foster the perfect learning environment. Children explore the centers, build confidence, self-esteem, and curiosity. The centers combine with The Creative Curriculum®, which applies Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences by helping teachers provide opportunities for each child to pursue their own talents and demonstrate areas of strength. Students learn to work independently and through centers while teachers train and start to facilitate learning for the students.

Through studies, which are hands-on, project-based investigations, The Creative Curriculum® helps teachers build children’s confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills, and promote positive outcomes at KPIS International School.

Through in-depth investigations of science and social studies topics that integrate literacy and mathematics concepts, kindergarten teachers can encourage children to think critically, problem solve, and connect ideas.

We accept students as young as two years old at KPIS International School Kindergarten in Bangkok. As students go through pre-kindergarten 1 and 2, they are prepared to take on the challenges that they will meet in kindergarten in which the curriculum transitions them into the upper levels. By the time students complete kindergarten, they are able to understand, speak and read English, and are ready to transition to Grade 1.