High School

High School

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Finally, students in high school face the most academically-rigorous years. Students at this stage need to develop their independent discipline and organization that they will need entering university. Acquiring true self-efficacy at this level is of paramount importance for the emerging young adult.

Academically, high school is where the American curriculum really distinguishes itself. We believe, in the American system, students receive a more well-rounded, balanced education, that sets them of for more choice and options for study at the university level. In some other school systems, students are tracked into certain specialties or career paths by early or mid high school, where we want to expose students to a variety of experiences and situations, to give them broader understanding of the world they are emerging into, and make them better prepared to make decisions about their future.

KPIS makes every effort to offer as many elective classes as possible, especially at the high school level, such as industrial arts, songwriting, publications, and computer programming. The crowning academic achievement for high school students in the American curriculum is success in the Advanced Placement program, which are university-level courses that can earn students college credit. As students get closer to graduating, the school focuses more on preparing them and assisting them in finding and applying to the most suitable universities for them.