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KPIS COVID-19 Protocol

Checking physical symptoms, general health, and at home reminders

Please note that anyone showing a temperature equal to 37.5 degrees celsius or above will not be permitted to enter the school premises. Furthermore, those displaying signs of respiratory symptoms such as a cough, sneezing, or runny nose will not be permitted to enter the school campus. Therefore, prior to leaving for school, parents must check their child for temperature and flu-like symptoms.

Front Gate Protocol

  1. On entering campus, all students, teachers, parents, and visitors will have to pass screening by designated staff and the school nurse for body temperature, flu-like symptoms, mask-wearing, and QR code self-declaration (parents and visitors). Please note that parents are not allowed to enter campus during school hours unless otherwise stated
  2. QR self-declaration should be completed before coming onto campus and is available here and on the KPIS website
  3. Parents/guardians and visitors must check-in via the Thaichana app should they wish to enter the campus to contact a finance or the front office

Wearing of Mask For Teachers/Students, Staff/Maids, Driver, and Visitors/Parents

  • Everyone wears a mask and/or face shield while on campus
  • Masks, face shields, and gloves are worn by all cleaning and kitchen staff
  • All KPIS drivers wear masks while providing transportation services
  • The school will provide 1 KPIS design face mask at the beginning of ACY 2020-2021 for all its students and staff (extra are available for purchase)
  • Parents must help prepare their children with face masks, sending extra ones with their child(ren) for change during the day as needed.

Handwashing and Alcohol Rub Sanitization

  • The school has ample hand washing basins on each floor of its buildings. Alcohol rub/gel will also be available throughout the school in from the moment that students enter: in classrooms, restrooms, and other common spaces that are frequently used
  • Videos  and infographics on handwashing techniques and hygiene to be placed in bathrooms, and other strategic areas around the school and on the KPIS online platforms
  • Students will be reminded to wash hands and/ or use hand sanitizer upon entering the school campus, before and after each class, before and after break times, before entering and after leaving the canteen, before and after lunchtimes, and before leaving school.

Physical Distancing

  • Clear signage and space dividing taping outlining social distancing guidelines of minimum 1 meter between each person placed around the campus, including common areas such as canteen, breezeway, bathrooms, stairwells
  • Students will be asked and advised to follow social distancing guidelines and refrain from physical contact with friends, teachers, and staff
  • KPIS school vans will have seats marked off to clearly follow social distancing guidelines

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • KPIS cleaning staff will have increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms, restrooms, playground, common areas, classroom equipment/learning resources, sports equipment, music equipment, science equipment, etc., Additionally, resources in lower years will be used on daily rotations to ensure the best hygiene
  • During the day all common/high touch surfaces (doorknobs, handles, stair rails, common learning resources) will be disinfected regularly
  • Students will need to bring their own stationery supplies (pencil case, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.) for use in the classrooms.
  • KPIS School vans will be sanitized thoroughly before and after every journey and/or use on a daily basis
  • Students must bring in their own water bottles for use throughout the day.

Avoiding Crowding

  • Depending on the numbers of students at divisional and/or grade level, rotations may need to be implemented to stagger student arrival and translations: school start and finish times, break times, lunch, activities,.
  • Some after-school activities may not  be possible until further update regarding the spread of COVID 19
  • KPIS will limit holding student, parent, and teacher events that involve a large number of people.
  • Team sports practices, and competitions or events and events that involve close contact of athletes and/or participants, and inter-school sports will remain canceled until further notice
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