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KPIS International School: Debate Showcase

Flashback to the exhilarating KPIS Debate Showcase, where our brilliant students unleashed their eloquence and wit before heading to the World Changers Cup Debate Tournament. The team that won the 1st to 3rd place not only showcased their prowess but also secured a golden ticket—a sponsorship to compete at the renowned Wellington International School. Amidst the fierce competition, we celebrated the standout speakers whose charisma and articulation shone brightly. Today, as we reminisce, let’s applaud the exceptional talents that graced the KPIS Debate Showcase, setting the stage on fire with their passion for rhetoric.

To our outstanding students who triumphed and showcased their brilliance, your achievements are a true testament to your dedication and skill. Keep shining, and may your words continue to inspire!

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