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KPIS International School: Mother’s Day

Celebrating a Heartwarming Mother’s Day at KPIS International School!

Our Kindergarten and Elementary students embarked on a creative journey to express their love and gratitude for the incredible women who shape their lives. With paintbrushes in hand and hearts full of joy, our young learners were crafting beautiful and personalized cards that would surely bring smiles to their moms’ faces. But that’s not all! Our Secondary students joined the festivities as well, designing E-cards. Our Grade 12 students also visited Grade 6 to 11 classrooms to share Mother’s Day information, play quiz games, and give jasmine bouquets. This heartwarming activity was brought to our community by our dedicated Thai department, fostering Thai cultural appreciation and artistic expression. Let’s come together to celebrate the boundless love of mothers and the artistic talents of our students.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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