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Grade 4 Thai Cultural Expo: Project-Based Learning

In a whirlwind of enthusiasm and curiosity, KPIS 4th Graders commenced an incredible 5-week PBL journey as they hosted the Thai Culture Expo. These young scholars didn’t just learn about the rich tapestry of Thai culture, tradition, and history – they became teachers, sharing their newfound knowledge with our elementary students!

The driving question of this project, “How is Thai culture connected to my life, and why is it important?” sparked a flame of curiosity that led our students on a quest for understanding. They surveyed using research, creating captivating presentations and beautifully crafted summaries. But that’s not all – these budding chefs even whipped up delectable Thai dishes to bring the flavors of Thailand to life during their presentation!

Through this immersive project-based learning experience, our students honed their teamwork and communication skills, fostered their creativity and language proficiency, and embraced the design thinking process to bring their project to life. We’re bursting with pride over these bright young minds and the incredible journey they’ve embarked upon!

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