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KPIS International School Bangkok: Project-Based Learning

Join our inspiring project-based learning journey at KPIS!

In ACY 2022-2023, driven by the question, “How can we reduce food waste at KPIS?” our determined Elementary School Grade 5/1 students took on the challenge of reducing food waste in our school. Guided by a global mindset for sustainability, they embarked on a transformative journey of critical thinking, problem-solving, and action.

Our students explored resource consumption, waste impact, and food production through engaging activities. They developed empathy for the environment and recognized the effects of human activities. Furthermore, they developed task teams, measured current waste produced, and collaborated on initiatives to reduce food waste.

Fueled by knowledge and passion, our students designed action plans to shrink our carbon footprint. They collected data, conducted interviews, and brainstormed effective interventions. Their skills in math, science, ELA, and digital communication were put to the test.

Authenticity drove our project as we aimed to permanently reduce waste at KPIS and inspire others. Students took ownership, reflected on data, and crafted an evidence-based proposal. Infographics, procedural texts, and educational materials shared our knowledge with the community. Experiential learning deepened our students’ understanding. They visited Bangkok Rooftop Farming, engaging in composting workshops and exploring urban sustainability. Planting vegetables in our school garden left a lasting mark on our commitment to sustainability.

Learning from experts and collaborating with stakeholders, our students became change-makers. They made a tangible difference in waste reduction and inspired others to join the cause.
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