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KPIS International School: Design and Technology

At KPIS, we aim to empower innovative, future-ready global citizens! In Design and Technology, students from grades 9-12 dive into the VEX Robotics world and prepare your child for the modern world with essential skills in computational thinking, teamwork, leadership, empathy, and problem-solving.

We believe in giving students the freedom to thrive in a fail-safe environment. Our educational robotics program encourages competence and a sense of belonging. Students make meaningful choices aligned with their interests and strengths, boosting engagement and motivation.

Our course begins with a comprehensive VEX Robotics system overview covering hardware and software components. Students will learn the fundamentals of programming using VEX Coding Studio software. Students will design, build, and troubleshoot their robots using the VEX Robotics construction kit.

Students gain practical skills that last a lifetime, from technical drawings to engineering concepts like gears, pulleys, and levers.

Our students don’t just build robots; they explore robotics’s ethical and social aspects, understanding its impact on society, privacy, and employment. They’ll think critically about the role of robotics and learn how to make a positive difference with their skills.

Students participate in exciting classroom competitions, like the recent soccer bot game where one victorious pair earned the title “champion.” Our program prepares the next generation of innovators with effective communication, research, and engineering skills.

Enroll today and be part of the KPIS International School’s legacy of creating innovative global citizens!

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