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KPIS International School: KPIS AP Research Exhibition

Calling all parents and friends! We are thrilled to share the memorable KPIS Advanced Placement Research Exhibition from ACY 2022-2023, where we showcased the extraordinary achievements of our Grade 11 and 12 students. This event celebrated their year-long exploration, innovation, and academic excellence journey.

Throughout the AP Research program at KPIS International School Bangkok, our students dove deep into their chosen research topics, honing their critical thinking and research skills. They passionately explored diverse research topics, such as environment, education, and social behavior. Students investigated those topics through various research methods, such as survey questionnaires, experiments, interviews, content analysis, and observation.

Our students delved into the world of research, acquiring invaluable skills in data analysis, ethical practices, and evidence-based argumentation. They connected with scholars, contributing meaningfully to their chosen fields and making a difference through their findings.

The exhibition served as a platform for students to present their remarkable projects through engaging posters and oral defenses. Attendees were amazed by their mastery of effective communication and their ability to synthesize complex ideas.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all parents who graced the event with their presence and support. You made this event memorable by engaging in meaningful conversations with our students, exploring their research findings, and being inspired by their passion for knowledge and innovation.

The KPIS Advanced Placement Research Exhibition was an extraordinary event that highlighted the transformative power of academic research and showcased the remarkable achievements of our students.

Let’s continue to celebrate curiosity, critical thinking, and the future leaders of tomorrow!
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